Doris Palacios
      Visual Artist



Artist's Profile

After enduring 13 years of civil war in El Salvador, Doris Palacios survived a terrorist attack that confronted her with the loss of her home and any hope for safety in her beloved native country. Just three days later, she found herself in Toronto, Canada, facing the challenge of being immersed in a different culture, while still trying to cope with her memories of that long civil war; memories filled with images of human suffering.

Doris felt that only by reconciling with her past, could she heal her dampened spirit. She soon realized that painting was a catalyst in helping her reach a new road ahead, and so she devoted herself to the cathartic process of working through her emotions with paint and canvas. These resulting paintings are the voice of her search for peace and reconciliation, what she could not express in words in the stressful context of a new foreign language.

Her sensitivities as an artist can be read in the detail and techniques in which she incorporates color and form. A creatively structured texture applied to the base reinforces the three-dimensional effect of her brush strokes.

Doris has been commissioned for indoor and outdoor murals throughout Toronto, and continues to create significant works of art on canvas. She has also made important contributions to the artistic community, acting as a former Art Project Coordinator for the Artistic Youth Project “Self-Discovery Through the Arts” (granted by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Art Council) in 2000.